Bro. Tom Fairbrother from Temperantia Lodge No.4088, which meets in Leicester, has recently continuedwith masonic tradition by laying the cornerstone of his new house along with two masonic tokens.

Bro. Tom is currently building a house for his family in Norfolk and so placed Mark tokens from the Provinces of Leicestershire & Rutland and East Anglia.

Bro. Tom said: “I became a Freemason in 2012 but I became a builder many years before that, and it’s nice when we talk about ‘speculative’ masonry in lodge meetings by night, I know that I’m also an operative mason by day.”

He continued: “I have always hidden initials or a coin in foundations, it seems like the right thing to do. Since becoming a member of the Craft, I have always started a new building in the North East Corner and Mark my work accordingly, with legitimate masonic insight.”

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